Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Talk Talk Talk!

Napansin ko karamihan ng mga service team sa CLP ang akala nila talagang limited lang sa 45 minutes ang talk ng mga speakers. Ano ba talaga sinasabi ng manual tungkol dito masilip nga...

... excerpts from CLP Teamleader's Guide, Annex B - Guidelines for Speakers, page 28:

5. Your talk should be for a duration of about 45 minutes. In any case, it should not be less than 30 minutes nor more than one hour.

Ayun naman pala eh if possible not more than one hour daw, meaning, pwede lampas ng 45 minutes... ha ha hihirit pa... eh kasi naman kanina sa Pray Over invoke nila ang Holy Spirit na gawin akong mouthpiece. Paano kung granted ang prayers and the HS still want to say more through me - he he talagang forcing the issue pa.

Share ko naman mga funny moments ko...
...# 1
Comment ng isang T2 after ng talk ko...
T2: Ang haba raw ng talk mo T2
Me: HA? Ang dami kong magandang nasabi sa talk bakit iyong haba ng talk lang ang naalala nila?

Ha-ha sa totoo lang... GUILTY!

...# 2
T2: Tito may aalis po ng lunch sa mga participants pwede po ba on time po tayo sa talk ninyo? (translation: Wag po sana mahaba Talk nyo - notorious na ba talaga ako?)
Me: Ganun po ba? Eh may special offer po ako, pwede ko po ibigay ang talk na ito 45 minutes to 1 hour o pwede kong basahin na lang 15 minutes tapos ito.
T2: He he si T2 naman... di na kayo mabiro siempre gusto namin kayong mag-talk.. BILISAN NYO LANG NG KONTI HA!?!
May matawa kaya dito? Huwag naman kayo laging serious pang-alis din ito ng BURN-OUT!

SMILE and God Bless!

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wanderer of midian said...

Talk! Talk! Talk!

Just want to share. I had my latest talk a couple of days ago and went with my usual yadda yadda and blah blah! FCL4 was kind of very engaging due to limited biblical references given in the outline. Throughout the talk, I shared plenty of my 40+ years of journey in life to gain full understanding the talk. I was enjoying my moments until suddenly, feeling a big lump in my throat because I uttered something not right...SEYCHELLES. You read it right, Seychelles. I guess many in the community knew exactly what with Seychelles and if you don't have much about it and still clueless, here some helpful hint to exercise your brains…but not your spirit yet. Missionary. FTW. Tithe. GK. That is all I can give, because if you knew nothing, better ask your HH heads or not at all.

Did I read your mind asking “why not ask”? OK. Here’s the beef.

Because, while elaborating the Seychelles mission, I noticed the amazement in the eyes of the four couples except their hh head telling me bluntly…”Tito, di po nila alam ang nangyari sa Seychelles”. Suddenly, I found myself grasping for words to divert the subject and in dire need of water. I remember putting up a brave face and continued doing the blah blahs until finally recovering my senses. And at that moment and in the back my mind asking myself…”bakit di pa nila alam”?

While driving home and contemplating what I’ve said during the talk and the slip of tongue, I realized one beauty of being a simple household member and the usual of having the last to receive the message from up, up and mighty above. I vividly remember the old adage of “ignorance is bliss”. I truly envied them at that very moment because they were still peaceful and no look or indication of worrisome nor being bothered of the “interesting times” in the recent past of our CFC-KSA.

Along the road and waiting for the go signal in a long stretch of cars, my thoughts were interrupted by a phone call from Tita inquiring why I was taking so much time heading home and a text message telling me he “gleefully” googled search my name.

That evening was truly an enriching experience and thought provoking. My talk was “Knowing God’s will” and ironically, the message He told me to remember was “ignorance is blissfully sweet”.

Inggit tuloy ako sa mga anak pagdating ng bahay. How I wish I was like them again.